A Message to Obama from Bashar al-Assad

“Obama drew that line, and Obama can draw lines himself and his country, not for other countries. We have our red lines, like our sovereignty, our independence, while if you want to talk about world red lines, the United States used depleted Uranium in Iraq, Israel used White Phosphorous in Gaza, and nobody said anything. What about redlines? We don’t see redlines. It’s political red lines”. – Bashar al-Assad.



The Truth behind Syria and Egypt.

The following two videos are short documentaries that show us live footage from Syria and Egypt and what is really going on in those countries.

1) The Syrian Conflict
* Because the video is not a youtube video, you must click on the link in order to watch it.

2) The Egyptian Revolution

Terrorists in Syria and Corrupt Soldiers in Bahrain


Many Arab countries have recently been victimized due to the countless terrorist attacks that have taken place in the Middle East. The Arab spring has sparked countless revolutions that spread to neighboring countries like an epidemic, but as the revolutions heightened so did the acts of terrorism. The reason why terrorism reached its apex in the Middle East is mainly due to the fact that the only means of warfare that is available to oppressed people is terrorism. However, the acts of terrorism should be viewed no differently than the war crimes committed by the military, especially in regards to the conflicts sparked in the Middle East. Soldiers who are fighting a war are committing crimes no different than those committed by terrorists. Whether it be the heinous acts committed by the Bahraini soldiers, or the terrorists in Syria who have sugar coated their name to be considered rebels, soldiers and terrorists in the Middle East are fighting the same mission to obtain power, take down those who aren’t of the same religion, and to glorify their name amongst their people if not the entire world.

A terrorist attack such as 9/11 has changed the lives of all Americans, but to the Arabs in the Middle East, our 9/11 is their 24/7, and most of the time the governments are the reason beyond the massive killings. The bloodshed in Bahrain is a silent revolution over religion that most people aren’t aware of. The Bahraini citizens have been oppressed under the rule of King Hamad Al-Khalifa for many years. After the rise of the Arab spring, one country after another has been undergoing a revolution, yet the voice of most Bahrainis has been left unheard because they are unwanted in the king’s eyes. Under the command of the Bahraini king along with the assistance and aid of the Saudi King, soldiers have been ordered to kill innocent civilians. Why are innocent civilians the target in these brutal massacres and why isn’t the revolution getting the attention it deserves? The answer to both questions is simply because the majority of Bahraini citizens are Shia Muslims while the minority of citizens along with the royal family is Sunni. While Arabs blame their problems on the Israelis, the real problem is the disharmony and hatred between the two Islamic sects. In this case, the soldiers who are fulfilling the commands of their tyrant leaders are committing the same crimes done by terrorists.

In the past, Muslim extremists have slaughtered families, hung the men, raped the women, and have forever crushed the dreams of young children who never had a chance to succeed in life. The entire world cries when such melancholy events occur due to terrorism. Yet most of the world is silent when soldiers in Bahrain are committing the same acts on its people. Why should terrorist groups be acknowledged for such gruesome acts while hundreds of Bahraini lives are taken away each day and aren’t acknowledged because the soldiers are doing their job. There is no difference between what terrorists do and what Bahraini soldiers have been doing today. Furthermore, no revolution should be ignored especially one that involves the death of countless civilians. Saudi Arabia has been behind this silent revolution in Bahrain and they are the ones behind the fake revolution in Syria.

Having said that, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, Israel along with the Western powers have formulated a proxy war to take down President Bashar Al-Assad out of power. Truth of the matter is, President Assad is not a tyrant leader and is loved by his people, contrary to popular belief. Why was this proxy war created in the first place? It is because of power and resources. Syria lies in the heart of the Middle East, plays a crucial role in Middle Eastern politics, has oil, and is allies with Iran which automatically makes them an enemy according to the West. Interestingly enough, these so called Syrian ‘rebels’ are not Syrian, majority of them are Muslim jihadist sent from Libya, Jordan, Turkey and other Islamic countries. These terrorists have blown up churches, schools, mosques, and have destroyed most of Syria. Not to mention the kidnappings, beatings, and violence these terrorists have caused. Aside from that, they capture innocent civilians who support Bashar and behead them while screaming ‘Allahu Akbar’. Saudi Arabia also proclaimed that under Sharia law, Muslim jihadists (terrorists) are given the right to rape any women in Syria as long as they are not Sunni, making Christians, Shias, and Druze an open target for their atrocious acts.

Unfortunately the world has been fed with lies and propaganda into believing that these terrorists are legitimate soldiers fighting for their countries freedom. As more and more jihadists fill the Syrian country, Al Qaeda along with Al Nusra have made moves of their own to destruct the Syrian country. So instead of fighting a war on terror, America is the one funding the terrorists. Under the approval of the American government, the CIA is funding and training the ‘rebels’. Many people will deny the fact that America is funding terrorists and that they are training legitimate rebels to overthrow Bashar’s regime. On the other hand, Ex- CNN reporter Amber Lyon had openly stated that CNN made us lie about Syria and Iran. Whether it is the terrorists or foreign soldiers who have entered Syria, we should not be easily fooled by their acts. They may go by different names for one is regarded as a terrorist and the other as a soldier, both groups have the intentions of overthrowing the Syrian government so they can be the ones in control.

America may be training the ‘rebels’ in Syria now but America goes a long way when it comes to training and funding terrorists groups. As a super power, one duty a country must fulfill at all times is to glorify its country’s name, even if it means playing by dirty tricks. When Russia had invaded Afghanistan in the 1980’s, the CIA under America’s approval funded Al-Qaeda billions of dollars along with supplying them with weaponry so they wouldn’t lose Afghanistan to the Communists. Bin Laden was also a CIA agent during the 1980’s and was trained by the United States. Years later America fought against Al-Qaeda in order to obtain oil from Iraq and to destabilize the Middle East. However, America sees its acts as rightful and justified because according to them they were helping the Afghans win over against the communists the same way they are helping the ‘freedom fighters’ in Syria and not terrorists.

If a country funds terrorists, doesn’t that make their actions equivalent to those done by terrorists themselves? America trained Bin Laden and at the end Bin Laden used all he knew against the Americans. No means of extremist acts should be used in order to glorify one’s own country. At the end America funded Al-Qaeda during the cold war and fought against them during the war on terror. Some may call America’s actions heroic, but are they really? The amount of causalities and civilians lost in the war in Iraq and Afghanistan were tremendous. Funding Al-Qaeda in the 80’s and fighting against them now is quite contradictory. America’s intervention in any country should be deemed as an act of terror. Glorifying America’s name by attempting to win a never ending war on terrorism or by trying to other throwing a tyrant regime makes American soldiers terrorists too. As long as innocent civilians are in danger and are being killed, whether it is America or the United Nations, a terrorist act is a terrorist act.

Terrorism is learned and the biggest terrorist acts are usually committed none other than by government officials. The problem with politics nowadays is that Islam is associated with terrorism. Terrorism has no religion and those committing the acts have been brainwashed into doing them. Charismatic leaders are able to manipulate soldiers or jihadist into doing what they think is right. Therefore soldiers should not be praised for their ‘heroic’ acts when they are killing civilians, destroying homes along with the country itself. They go by different names but the acts they are committing are the same.


The Syrian Conflict from both sides.


March 15, 2011 will be an unforgettable day not only for all the Syrians around the world, but for the entire Middle East.  To some, that day held a revolutionary uprising that sparked hope for a better future. To others that melancholy day brought fear of losing a secular Syria to the hands of radical extremists.  The Arab spring had hit other countries hard like an epidemic, moving from one country to the next. Many tyrant leaders had been toppled long before the Syrian Revolution began, and the next leader on that list was none other than President Bashar Al-Assad of Syria. It is evident that as a super power, one of America’s moral obligations is to assist countries in need, whether it is economically, financially or with other means of humanitarian aid. However, there are hundreds of humanitarian crisis’ happening around the world each day, why would the crisis in Syria be of any interest to America? Syria happens to be located in the heart of the Middle East and plays a vital role in Middle-Eastern politics,even as a third world country. Aside from that, America takes interest in Syria because America knows if the Syrian government crumbles and falls, violence will spread to neighboring countries of Iraq and Lebanon, there is also a huge possibility that Al-Qaeda is involved in the Syrian revolution and if Syria falls it can potentially hurt America. Even though there are a lot of risk factors regarding America’s intervention in Syria, President Obama had been getting a lot of criticism for the delay, which is why after a course of two bloody years of war, President Obama acknowledged the ‘Syrian Rebels’ and sent aid, along with having the CIA train the rebels.

The Syrian conflict began in a city called Homs in April 2012, and it gained the title of being the capital city for the Revolution, as it was the first city to join the uprising against the Assad regime. According to those who are against the regime, President Bashar Al-Assad is a tyrant leader who is only representing the Alawite-Shiite community since he is an Alawite-Shiite himself. Therefore the majority Sunni-Muslims and the Christian minorities have been under- represented for the past seven years. Aside from that, he is depriving his citizens from their rights and freedoms. He is killing his own people, primarily those who oppose his regime. Not only is he committing such atrocious acts, but he denies the fact that innocent civilians are being killed. It is undeniable that innocent civilians are being killed, but many Pro-opposition supporters have been alarmed over President Obama’s silent behavior in regards to the Syrian Revolution.

First and foremost, Syria is not like Libya; President Bashar Al-Assad did not openly state that he was going to kill his own people on public television the same way Gaddafi did. Also if America gave any form of military aid early on in the revolution, it would not have been clear whether the weaponry would have gone to the rebels or fall into the hands of Al-Qaeda. President Obama was hesitant with his decision because he knew the situation in Syria has many potential risk factors.  If Syria is weak and destabilized, violence can easily spread to border countries of Lebanon and Iraq. America recently ended a war in Iraq and would not want the Iraqi civilians to undergo turmoil in their country once more. As for Lebanon, if violence does spill over to the Lebanese border, there is a fear that another civil war will erupt or Hezbollah will take affirmative action in response to the violence. If such conflicts were to be sparked, it would hold another serious political and diplomatic problem in which President Obama would inevitable have to address.

Furthermore, Syria has support from Russia, Hezbollah, Iran and to a lesser degree, China.  President Obama is not oblivious and is aware that what President Assad is doing is completely unacceptable, but intervening in Syria would end up sparking a war between the super powers which would end up costly. Former President Gorge Bush had warned the Americans about the “Axis of Evil” being Iran, North Korea and Iraq. Iran has been Syria’s backbone from the beginning of the revolution, and as the revolution continued, so did Iran’s support.

However, when the issue of chemical weapons arose, President Obama’s attention was captured and he made it clear that if President Assad were to use chemical weapons against his people his consequences would be severe. After two years, President Obama also acknowledged the opposition group in Syria which angered those who support Bashar. Although the main controversy behind the President acknowledging the rebels, is the military aid and training that he is providing for them. The CIA has currently been training the rebel opposition group in Jordan for several months now. What most of the world does not know is that the CIA has been training the rebels since last year in an undefined location of Jordan. The rebels that are being trained are primarily Sunni Extremists.

The CIA has been delivering weapons to the freedom fighters and is aware that Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and other countries are sending aid as well. However, most of the armed shipment has been sent from Saudi Arabia and Qatar, but the weaponry sent from those two countries are going to die heart jihadist, even though President Obama is aware of that, he is still allowing the CIA to train the rebels in Jordan and is not putting a stop to the shipment being arrived from Saudi Arabia and Qatar. In accordance with America’s national values, America is responsible as a supreme global leader to defend democratic principles. The Syrian citizens are in urgent need of democracy according to those who support the opposition, and America as a super power, has a right to bring democracy to Syria.

On the contrary, Obama’s acknowledgements of the Free Syrian Army along with having the CIA train them as outraged countless Pro-Bashar Supporters. According to those who support Bashar, they believe the Americans should see the Syrian crisis not from Western media, not from the rebels, but from Syrians themselves. Many Pro-Bashar supporters consider this revolution to be a fake revolution for a number of reasons. This revolution is actually a proxy war formulated by the west along with Qatar and Saudi Arabia to destabilize the Syrian government for their own selfish means. The opposition group is not mainly composed of Syrians; it is consisted of foreigners from Libya, Jordan, Chechnya, Turkey and other Islamic nations. King Abdullah from Saudi Arabia proclaimed that those who do jihad in Syria will be guaranteed to have breakfast with Allah and will have their 72 virgins waiting for them in heaven. King Abdullah also granted Fatwas allowing Jihadist to have sex with women who are not Sunni, making Shias, Alawites, Christians and Druze to be an open target. King Abdullah mainly wants Bashar out of power so an extremist can control Syria and impose Sharia law onto the country. He also has brainwashed the uneducated poor to do Jihad in Syria and to kill as many pro-Bashar supporters as possible, which is why all the main attacks in Damascus and Aleppo are in pro-Bashar areas.

Qatar also created this fake revolution to weaken Syria and potentially damage Iran as a way of revenge for ruining Qatar’s pipeline designs. In 2011, the same year the Syrian uprising began, Iraq and Syria signed a ten billion dollar deal to allow Iran to build a pipeline through its own territory and later connecting it to Syria. Iran also plans to create nuclear energy so they can later sell their oil to countries that need it. However, the pipeline situation directly affected Qatar because King Hamad had similar pipeline designs to be created in Syria that would connect to Turkey. The pipeline is another proxy in the Syrian conflict. Israel has silently been involved with bringing Assad down. Bashar Al-Assad has been known for being close allies with Hezbollah, has sent aid to Hamas, and has stood by Palestine in every conflict. In order to weaken Hezbollah, Bashar al-Assad must go down. The Syrian government had collected countless weapons that were made in Israel and had Hebrew writing on them that were all used by the opposition forces. Israel has opened its doors to the Free Syrian Army by openly allowing the ‘rebels’ to be treated in Israeli hospitals. Furthermore, America wants Bashar go to down so they can replace him with an American puppet as they have done with other Arab countries.

Having said that many Pro-Syrians are outraged by America’s decision because in their eyes what Obama is basically doing is training the terrorists and giving them weaponry. The CIA has recently been training the ‘rebels’ or ‘terrorists’ in Jordan and from Jordan they enter Syria just like many jihadist who fight in Syria. Saudi Arabia may have caused a religious war to bring disharmony between the Sunnis and the Shias, but many Sunnis and other Syrians are loyal to their President. Western media along with Saudi Arabian controlled media in the Middle East have been exposing propaganda to the world and spreading lies so the world can listen to what they want to say, not the truth. Former CNN reporter Amber Lyon stated that the American government made lies about Syria and Iran for their own interest; “CNN channel manipulates, fabricates news and follows restrictiveness when broadcasting news, stressing that the Channel receives money from the U.S. government and other countries’ governments in exchange for news content.” It is about time that the Western countries and Arab countries put aside their own interest and start paying attention to what is best for the Syrian people. America’s assistance to the rebels is not going to make matters better for Syria, it will make it worse and the bloodshed will continue as long as the West is funding and supporting the terrorists.

As an American who has family in Syria I am completely against America’s aid and assistance in training the rebels. America recently sent out ten million dollars to the rebels and supplied them with weaponry. I also believe that President Bashar Al-Assad is not a tyrant leader, outside countries have formulated this revolution for their own benefit and as Syria crumbles, they will all try to take control of it. Bashar has 2/3 majority vote in Syria, Syrians who live in Syria love the president. He is protecting his people, if he were not; Syria would not have been the 4th safest country in 2009 or the 10th visited country by tourists in 2010. The ‘freedom fighters’ are not fighting for democracy or freedom as America hopes, they are fighting to destroy a secular Syria. Saudi Arabia does not want any Christians in Syria. Over 1000 Christians have been killed; over 200,000 have fled the country leaving 10% of Syria’s population to be Christians. My uncle has been a victimized due to his religion, terrorists had kidnapped and beat him while screaming ‘allahu akbar’, fortunately they let him go instead of killing him. Therefore the crisis in Syria has affected me tremendously and Obama’s take on the Syrian crisis upsets me beyond belief. He claims he doesn’t negotiate terrorists but at the same time he is the one who is funding the rebels in Syria. Obama was afraid of sending aid to the rebels because he thought it would fall into the hands of Al Qaeda but Al Qaeda and Al Nusra Font have been fighting alongside the rebels the entire time.

No one can predict the end to the bloodshed in Syria. As a global power it was America’s duty to try to bring an end to the oppression and bring forth democracy.  Many were grateful that America finally stepped in and helped out in some way, others were not. However one thing that is clear is that America cannot afford another war, especially a war that involves super powers. America indirectly intervened in Syria knowing it can bring forth its definition of freedom in Syria, but is it really freedom? One may call it freedom, but it is terrorism. One may call it jihad, but it is murder. One may call an Islamic state, but it is a secular state. One may call him a dictator, but he is SYRIA’S President.