A Message to Obama from Bashar al-Assad

“Obama drew that line, and Obama can draw lines himself and his country, not for other countries. We have our red lines, like our sovereignty, our independence, while if you want to talk about world red lines, the United States used depleted Uranium in Iraq, Israel used White Phosphorous in Gaza, and nobody said anything. What about redlines? We don’t see redlines. It’s political red lines”. – Bashar al-Assad.




“Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.”



By studying past events, it is undeniably evident that history repeats itself. It almost seems as though we study history not to learn from past events so we can evade them, but to learn how to perfect the flaws that were made so we can make those same mistakes without making it evident. President Obama is certain that Bashar al-Assad used chemical weapons in Syria, but why won’t he mention the fact that the rebels admit they used the chemical weapons in the most recent attack?

Seattle, Washington, USA

Seattle, Washington, USA

In a recent interview with a group of rebels that chose to remain anonymous stated that they received the shipment from Saudi Arabia. A father of a rebel, named Abu Abdel- Moneim stated that his son came to him with an unknown shipment from Saudi Arabia asking him what the package could have been. His son, along with 12 other rebels died in the storage tunnel where the weaponry was stored. The father of the deceased rebel said that the Saudi militant that delivered the weapons to the rebel forces was known to be Abu Ayesha. Abu Ayesha described the package as being a “tube-like structure” while the rest were in a shape of a huge gas bottle. A female rebel, whose name is not revealed due to safety reasons said “they did not tell us what these arms were or how to use them; we didn’t know they were chemical weapons. We never imagined they were chemical weapons”. Other female rebels complained that Saudi Arabian Prince Bandar should have given such weapons to those who knew how to use them and handle them whereas they were unaware of the weaponry they received and had no idea how to use them.

Seattle, Washington, USA

Seattle, Washington, USA

Therefore, Assad is not to be blamed for the Chemical Massacre, Saudi Arabia is to be blamed for shipping chemical weapons to Syria and giving them to rebels that mishandled the weaponry. However, If President Obama believes he can fabricate empirical evidence to justify his claims, he is mistaken. War in Syria is not necessary, in fact the “revolution” would have not escalated if Obama had not given weaponry to the rebels knowing they have pledged allegiance to Al Qaeda as well as having the CIA train the “rebels” in Jordan. Why won’t President Obama also explain how the news they are showing on CNN is also fabricated? Ex-CNN reported Amber Lyon stated that CNN told her to lie about Syria and to lie about Iran.


Not only does America need to stop lying but, America needs to STOP fighting Israel’s wars. America will NOT benefit anything from intervening in Syria. Have we not learned from Iraq? Weapons of Mass destruction turned out to be false and what was the outcome of entering Iraq? Hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians died and a country was destroyed due to American “democracy”.

Syria is on the verge of the same path but fortunately many of us are awake and are aware that President Obama is lying. If the American government calls President Bashar al-Assad’s acts as a crime against humanity and label his acts as unacceptable, then Israel at this very moment should be charged with the slaughter and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. Israel has been charged with violating over 100 UN resolutions against Palestinians, where is the justice? The only reason why Obama is urging to go to war with Syria is because Israel is pushing Obama’s buttons. Israel fears that Hezbollah and Iran will attack Israel.Bashar al-Assad has 12,000 missiles currently pointed at Tel Aviv, Hezbollah and Iran have pointed their missiles at Israel as well. While congress was voting whether or not they should intervene into Syria, Syrians in Damascus were patriotically waving their flags while Israelis were trying to flee their country from fear. If Congress rejected going into Syria there is no reason for Congress to vote again. What Obama is doing now is barking his same lie until he gets enough people to believe in it.

Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia

Only 10% of Americans actually want to intervene in Syria while the rest were protesting against the war. What happened to majority vote? What happened to our voice? This land of freedom lost every bit of democracy, it is now HYPOCRICY. Intervening in Syria will turn into World War III without a doubt. The war is too risky and too costly. Americans do not join the military to fight civil wars in other countries. The old are the ones that fantasize for war while they send the young ones to fight the war. We learned our lesson from entering Iraq, SAY NO TO WAR IN SYRIA. Obama and his administration are WRONG. Leave Syria alone, let there be peace. Money talks in their eyes, but we’ll make sure our voice gets heard! The entire world is waking up while Obama’s administration is still sleeping.

President Bashar al-Assad does not need to step down. Over 85% of Syria currently wants him to remain as President. What makes President Bashar al-Assad fight harder for justice is because of people like us.  Whether we are Syrian, Lebanese, Iraqi, Armenian, American, Latino, Black or Asian, if we stand up for the truth and show the world that we will not be fooled, that gives Syria enough strength to persevere. Our voice weakens Obama’s administration, that is why we are being ignored, but our voice strengthens Syria’s President and reassures him that his people are on his side.

Los Angeles, California, USA

Los Angeles, California, USA

Los Angeles, California, USA

Los Angeles, California, USA

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Chicago, Illinois, USA



Orlando, Florida, USA

Orlando, Florida, USA

Tampa, Florida, USA

Tampa, Florida, USA

Los Angeles, California, USA

Los Angeles, California, USA



Denver, Colorado, USA

Denver, Colorado, USA

This is Syria

ImageFrom Homs to Daa’ra, Aleppo to Damascus… The city is torn, burnt and left to ashes..

Where is humanity? Is this their justice?

This sectarian violence has left Syria in ashes…

In the name of freedom they have destroyed countless homes

Children are being killed but their voices are left unheard

They live in fear that one day they will not see the sun rise again..

Not allowed to enjoy life because terror is the devils friend

Bodies mutilated and others killed

Yet the true killers are hidden behind their western friends

In the name of freedom they have glorified their acts

Deceiving the world and suppressing facts

Destroying mosques and burning down Churches…

From Persecuting Christians to hanging muslims..

Is this their freedom? Is this what Syria deserves?

The devil may be strong but God is stronger

The cries of the weak will be heard at the end… Because God is with Syria we don’t need the devils friendship


Shiites and Allawite Muslims in Syria



(freedom “Syrian” fighters showing their love to Bin Laden)

Sunni Muslims in Syria make up over 60% percent of the Syrian population. Since Syria does not follow sharia law, it is not an Islamic state, which angered those who want Syria to be all Islamic. However, once this fake revolution was created, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and later Turkey attempted to destabilize Syria. In all essence, the revolution was created for political purposes such as imperialism and a complete control over Syria. Another reason was for resources, but lately the issue of religion has sparked much interest into the Royal Gulf families.

Shiite or Shia, is the second largest sect of Islam and is mainly prominent in Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon and Syria. Shiite Muslims in Sunni dominated countries are treated poorly, to the extent where they are deprived from their every day essentials. Life is a precious commodity, but in the Middle East, someone’s life can be taken away within a blink of an eye.

In reality, all we have heard on the news is generally fabricated material that has been put out to blind the citizens from doing further research to actually seek the truth. There is no revolution in Syria. In fact, if there were a revolution in Syria, it would look much like the Revolutions of Libya, Egypt, Turkey etc. The news shows us one rebel or a hand full of rebels protesting against Bashar, chances are they are not even Syrian. Furthermore, unlike thousands of protesters that went against their governments in other countries, Syrians actually demonstrate for their President and have massive rallies all over Syria. However, what the news does not tell you how the “rebels” who want “freedom” obtain freedom by slaughtering religious minorities in brutal ways. Much like the Christians that have received a tremendous amount of discrimination and hardship, Shiite Muslims, and Allawites (a sect that emerged from Shiite Islam) have received just as much discrimination.

Here’s a typical scenario an average Shia and or Allawite would face in Syria.

1)      Rape and abduction of girls and women starting as young as the age of 13.

2)      Abduction and severe beatings.

3)      Killings of an entire family; generally they would either break into the house and shoot the entire family, but there has been incidents were family members have been hung or decapitated.

4)      Torture and decapitation, and in the process they kill under the name of “Allah”

5)      Schools and mosques have been burnt down, people burnt alive.

6)      Shiite mosques being exploded while the proud terrorists pose in the background.

7)      Terrorists entering villages and causing massive massacres onto the Shiite and Allawite community.

Before the fake revolution occurred, Syrians of any religious background lived their lives and respected their neighbors. The Shiites v. Sunni rivalry has gone on for decades, and generally the Shiites are the ones that are facing the discrimination, regardless of which Arab country they are in. But, since Saudi Arabia is behind the fake revolution and funds jihadists to kill as many Christians and Shiites as possible, Shiite Muslims have been the ultimate target along the rest of the religious minorities in Syria.

A Saudi Arabian Sheikh has granted Fatwas that permit the rape of any Non-Sunni Muslim while they explicitly stated that they preferred to have the terrorists rape Allawite women, since President Bashar Al-Assad belongs to the Allawite Sect. Furthermore, Saudi Arabia has permitted terrorists to have temporary marriage licenses with the girls and women they abduct, essentially making them sex slaves and often times when their job is done and they are no longer needed, chances of them returning back to their families are extremely low.

The Gulf nations consider Allawite Muslims to be a disgrace to Islam and humanity and according to them; they should be terminated for good. As for Shiite Muslims, many Sunni Extremists along with Salafi and Wahhabis do not consider Shiite Muslims to be Muslim and often ridicule on their religious sect.

Syria, however, is better than this. You will rarely see Shiite Muslims and Sunni Muslims praying together. You will not see a Sunni Sheikh visit a Shiite village and pray with them, let along seeing a Sunni Sheikh enter a Church and pray and speak out to the Christians! This is what they want to destroy and remove in Syria. The only proper peace that was attained in the Middle East has been destroyed.

For all those non-Syrian Muslims who hate Bashar Al-Assad because he is “killing” Muslims. Their freedom fighters who have pledged their complete allegiance with Al-Qaeda have been doing all the killing! And for those non Syrian Muslims, here’s a reality check, the majority of those Muslims have been dying in Syria, are mostly Shiite and Allawite. Not saying every Sunni is safe, those who side with President Assad are under danger, but generally the Shiite and Allawite sect, along with the Christians are the ones facing the most problems.  Syria will and always will remain to be Secular.  Stop the Sectarian violence and discrimination! Syria is home to every religion. Christian, Shiite, Sunni, Druze, Jewish, at the end they are all Syrian and will remain to be. The only person who can bring religious peace is Bashar Al-Assad. For those who believe President Assad is ‘evil’? Which of the lesser two are evil: the one that pledges all allegiance to Al Qaeda and is funded by the West and Gulf, or the man who won’t go a day as a Western puppet and is called a tyrant by the devil himself, John Mccain? Bashar Al- Assad will remain to be Syria’s hero and savior whether President Obama and John McCain like it or not.

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Christians in Syria


Syrian Christians make up 10% of Syria’s population. Since Syria is a secular state, Christians, as a minority were able to live their lives freely without being ridiculed by the overwhelming Muslim population. Christians were able to go to Church, wear whatever they like and live their lives according to their standards and not by the governments. In fact, Christians and Muslims got along perfectly well in Syria before the fake revolution occurred. Unfortunately the world is unaware that these so called “freedom fighters” are the ones committing a massive genocide in Syria.

Aleppo, which has the largest Armenian population, has been hit hard with countless terrorist attacks. Churches have been destroyed, Christians kidnapped, beheaded, raped and tortured. Damascus has a reasonable about of Christians, but Homs is home to the second largest Christian population in Syria, and unfortunately Homs is the first city where the fake revolution occurred. In fact, Opposition supporters consider Homs to be the heart of the revolution. Yet they are oblivious to the fact that their revolution for freedom has turned into a massive persecution of religious minorities. Ancient churches in Saidnaya have been attacked and bombarded by these heartless terrorists. Qameshli and Al Hasakah are also two Christian cities that have a large population of Assyrians and Armenians. Unfortunately, Kurdish rebels who want to take complete control of Qameshli have started violent attacks of their own on Christians in that city. Kurdish rebels kidnap Christians and kill them. Kidnappings don’t only occur during the night, they occur during the day as well which instills fear onto the Christian population.
As a matter of fact, the Muslim extremists (FSA, Al Nusra, and Al Qaeda) that have entered Syria to destroy the country also seek to destroy the Christian population. They no longer want Christians in Syria. Christians today make up less than 10% of Syria’s population. The exact death toll of Christians martyrs is not exact, but over 3000 have been killed which is a tremendous amount for a small minority. Not to mention the fact those over 250,000 have fled out of Syria to other countries.

Why are Christians the target? The rebels, aka terrorists want to impose Sharia law in Syria. Since Syria is Secular, Sharia law is not allowed due to the fact that it will infringe on the minorities sovereignty and freedom to express their religion. Secondly, Christians in Syria support Bashar Al-Assad. Not all, but over 95% of them do since President Bashar al-Assad protects them. This is why Christians in Aleppo (not soldiers, regular civilians) have joined combat with the army to fight against the rebels. Earlier this year two Christian bishops were kidnapped by Chechen jihadists fighting for the FSA (freedom Syrian army aka terrorists) which angered Christian communities all around the world.
Christians will always remain loyal to Bashar al-Assad because he is the only one who can protect every minority religion, since his religion sect is a minority as well. He is not killing his own civilians, he is protecting them. The gulf nations along with the west are the reason behind this proxy war that was formulated to take over Syria. Essentially, President Obama is spreading the same lies about Syria, the same way George W. Bush did about Iraq. Therefore, the large Christian massacres in Syria have been ignored by President Obama even though he is aware of what’s going on.

Recently, a large massacre was held by the FSA in a Christian village of al-Duwayr which is a village close to Homs. Women, Children, and Men were the targets of this heinous atrocity, yet the massacre received little to no attention by western media. Approximately 350 terrorists had entered the village and broke into homes, and executed countless Christians. By the time the Syrian Army came to fight off the terrorists, the village was left in bloodshed. The death toll of the martyrs is left unknown, but the death toll is relatively high. According to the army men, Turkish and Chechen soldiers had carried out his atrocity on the Christian village.
Despite the fact that President Bashar al-Assad is winning the war that was created by the West, the west and the gulf have not seized to stop arming the rebels, in fact President Obama stated that he will be fully supporting and arming the rebels. Which would only lead to more causalities lost and an expansion of the war. The only freedom Christians have in Syria now is the freedom to pray for a better future, and a better Syria. Syria does not need Sharia law, Syria is and will remain to be Secular. It is evident that the Christian population in Syria will never be the same, but at least they would not live their lives in fear as they do now.


Christian Church destroyed by rebels.

Ma'aloula, Syrian Christian Village

Bashar Al-Assad visiting a Christian village, Ma’aloula, before the fake Revolution


Syrian Church burned by the free “Syrian” army :September 14,2012


Obama supported rebels, destroyed a church and ruining a portrait of the virgin Mary.