A Message to Obama from Bashar al-Assad

“Obama drew that line, and Obama can draw lines himself and his country, not for other countries. We have our red lines, like our sovereignty, our independence, while if you want to talk about world red lines, the United States used depleted Uranium in Iraq, Israel used White Phosphorous in Gaza, and nobody said anything. What about redlines? We don’t see redlines. It’s political red lines”. – Bashar al-Assad.




“Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.”



By studying past events, it is undeniably evident that history repeats itself. It almost seems as though we study history not to learn from past events so we can evade them, but to learn how to perfect the flaws that were made so we can make those same mistakes without making it evident. President Obama is certain that Bashar al-Assad used chemical weapons in Syria, but why won’t he mention the fact that the rebels admit they used the chemical weapons in the most recent attack?

Seattle, Washington, USA

Seattle, Washington, USA

In a recent interview with a group of rebels that chose to remain anonymous stated that they received the shipment from Saudi Arabia. A father of a rebel, named Abu Abdel- Moneim stated that his son came to him with an unknown shipment from Saudi Arabia asking him what the package could have been. His son, along with 12 other rebels died in the storage tunnel where the weaponry was stored. The father of the deceased rebel said that the Saudi militant that delivered the weapons to the rebel forces was known to be Abu Ayesha. Abu Ayesha described the package as being a “tube-like structure” while the rest were in a shape of a huge gas bottle. A female rebel, whose name is not revealed due to safety reasons said “they did not tell us what these arms were or how to use them; we didn’t know they were chemical weapons. We never imagined they were chemical weapons”. Other female rebels complained that Saudi Arabian Prince Bandar should have given such weapons to those who knew how to use them and handle them whereas they were unaware of the weaponry they received and had no idea how to use them.

Seattle, Washington, USA

Seattle, Washington, USA

Therefore, Assad is not to be blamed for the Chemical Massacre, Saudi Arabia is to be blamed for shipping chemical weapons to Syria and giving them to rebels that mishandled the weaponry. However, If President Obama believes he can fabricate empirical evidence to justify his claims, he is mistaken. War in Syria is not necessary, in fact the “revolution” would have not escalated if Obama had not given weaponry to the rebels knowing they have pledged allegiance to Al Qaeda as well as having the CIA train the “rebels” in Jordan. Why won’t President Obama also explain how the news they are showing on CNN is also fabricated? Ex-CNN reported Amber Lyon stated that CNN told her to lie about Syria and to lie about Iran.


Not only does America need to stop lying but, America needs to STOP fighting Israel’s wars. America will NOT benefit anything from intervening in Syria. Have we not learned from Iraq? Weapons of Mass destruction turned out to be false and what was the outcome of entering Iraq? Hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians died and a country was destroyed due to American “democracy”.

Syria is on the verge of the same path but fortunately many of us are awake and are aware that President Obama is lying. If the American government calls President Bashar al-Assad’s acts as a crime against humanity and label his acts as unacceptable, then Israel at this very moment should be charged with the slaughter and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. Israel has been charged with violating over 100 UN resolutions against Palestinians, where is the justice? The only reason why Obama is urging to go to war with Syria is because Israel is pushing Obama’s buttons. Israel fears that Hezbollah and Iran will attack Israel.Bashar al-Assad has 12,000 missiles currently pointed at Tel Aviv, Hezbollah and Iran have pointed their missiles at Israel as well. While congress was voting whether or not they should intervene into Syria, Syrians in Damascus were patriotically waving their flags while Israelis were trying to flee their country from fear. If Congress rejected going into Syria there is no reason for Congress to vote again. What Obama is doing now is barking his same lie until he gets enough people to believe in it.

Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia

Only 10% of Americans actually want to intervene in Syria while the rest were protesting against the war. What happened to majority vote? What happened to our voice? This land of freedom lost every bit of democracy, it is now HYPOCRICY. Intervening in Syria will turn into World War III without a doubt. The war is too risky and too costly. Americans do not join the military to fight civil wars in other countries. The old are the ones that fantasize for war while they send the young ones to fight the war. We learned our lesson from entering Iraq, SAY NO TO WAR IN SYRIA. Obama and his administration are WRONG. Leave Syria alone, let there be peace. Money talks in their eyes, but we’ll make sure our voice gets heard! The entire world is waking up while Obama’s administration is still sleeping.

President Bashar al-Assad does not need to step down. Over 85% of Syria currently wants him to remain as President. What makes President Bashar al-Assad fight harder for justice is because of people like us.  Whether we are Syrian, Lebanese, Iraqi, Armenian, American, Latino, Black or Asian, if we stand up for the truth and show the world that we will not be fooled, that gives Syria enough strength to persevere. Our voice weakens Obama’s administration, that is why we are being ignored, but our voice strengthens Syria’s President and reassures him that his people are on his side.

Los Angeles, California, USA

Los Angeles, California, USA

Los Angeles, California, USA

Los Angeles, California, USA

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Chicago, Illinois, USA



Orlando, Florida, USA

Orlando, Florida, USA

Tampa, Florida, USA

Tampa, Florida, USA

Los Angeles, California, USA

Los Angeles, California, USA



Denver, Colorado, USA

Denver, Colorado, USA

Syrian Chemical Massacre: The Truth Behind it

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NOTE: This Chemical Massacre was committed by the Free Syrian Army! Not Bashar al-Assad

President Bashar al-Assad has been accused of using chemical weapons against his people and is listed by Western media for being one of the worst dictators of our time. President Obama firmly said if Bashar al-Assad uses any form of chemical weapons against his people he will draw the red line and intervene. Now how many times has Bashar al-Assad been accused of using chemical weapons against his people? About three times, and in all those incidents President Obama repeats the same sayings but never takes affirmative action. Every time UN inspectors enter Syria to inspect the damage areas of the country, a new massacre shortly begins. Why would the Syrian government “gas” their own people during the same time the UN inspectors are present in Syria? Keep in mind, the UN inspectors have admitted once that the rebels have used chemical weapons.

photo (28)

It’s easy to blame such heinous atrocities on Bashar al-Assad because the West and Gulf nations have tainted his true image and painted a fake one instead. The Syrian government is being successful against this proxy revolution that was fabricated by the West. The “rebels” are in dire need of help, even if America is sending them heavy artillery, it just isn’t enough. The only way the West can rightfully intervene in Syria is if Bashar al-Assad uses chemical weapons. The Houla Massacre was the first chemical attack in Syria that received high amount of publicity. BBC published a photo on their website that showed the corpses of over one hundred dead children and said this was a photo taken from the Houla Massacre. Shortly after the photo was published, the photographer of the photo notified BBC that the photo was originally taken in Iraq and was not taken in Syria. That image was not the only propaganda that was being spread, fortunately BBC took the photo down from the site but sadly it was already heavily circulated. During the alleged Houla Massacres, countless images of martyred Palestinian and Iraqi civilians were shown as Syrians martyrs and with those images they were easily able to brainwash us. Many will not question the true source of the images that are being spread. Once they see an image of a dead child from Syria, it is automatically from Syria and nowhere else. Many don’t take the time to actually research the topic and are easily given in to the lies that they are being fed.

BBC Propaganda Image. Original photo, Iraq. They used this image in the Houla Massacre and they are using the same image in the recent Chemical attack.

BBC Propaganda Image. Original photo, Iraq. They used this image in the Houla Massacre and they are using the same image in the recent Chemical attack.

The next incident of chemical attack usage was in Aleppo Syria. The area that was struck by chemicals was Pro-Governmental area, why would Bashar gas his own supporters?! In fact it was later proven that the rebels were the ones who were using Sarin gas against the civilians and not President Bashar al-Assad. Every time a chemical attack is being done, rebels are not the ones dying it is always innocent civilians. These so called rebels pledge allegiance to al Qaeda and worship Bin Laden, why would anyone even consider what they say to be true?  These rebels have no heart; they kill innocent children and blame it on Assad because they know the media will weep for the children.

The most recent reports of a chemical attack in Syria were on August 21, 2013 and rumors have it that the estimated death toll is over 1000 civilians. Now here is the interesting part Al Jazzeria and Reuters published videos and images of the Massacre in Damascus one day before it actually occurred. Over ten videos were published and in most of  those videos the rebels were acting in them and pretending to be dead or injured civilians. Many of the babies shown in the videos are in fact dead and the ones behind their death are the FSA.

“These evidences show the massacre by terrorists in Syria and their struggle for making people to believe that Syrian Regime behind the massacre. You will see that the terrorists uploaded videos before the massacre(their so-called allegation of the time when Syrian Army attacked with chemical weapons).

The news of so- called chemical wepaon attack by Syrian Regime was published by Al- Jazzera (http://blogs.aljazeera.com/topic/syria/dozens-people-have-been-killed-syria-nerve-gas-attack-government-forces-activists-said) at 09: 28. Another pro- Syrian terrorists site:”Baath Regime used chemical weapons in East Ghouta, Damascus, Jobar, Ain Tarma, Zamalka, Western Ghouta, Muaddamiyah around 03: 30 am. The source said that the death toll may rise because the lack of equipments and medical sources… At the same time one of the well know pro-Syrian terrorists youtube account ‘SHAMSNN’ uploaded tens videos quickly between 03: 00 and 04: 00. MOST IMPORTANT evidence is that the uploading time is 20 August !!!BUT THEY ACCUSED SYRIAN REGIME FOR ATTACK ON 21 AUGUST!!!


video published August 20, 2013. one day before the “massacre”

Even if we regard the chemical attack as the 03: 30, it is impossible to take the film of the scene and uploading those tens of videos… this shows that terrorists prepared, organized all of the scenes beforehand then accused Syrian regime for a massacre that terrorists did. the more those terrorists come to an end the more they become brutal. They even do not have any mercy for the children and used them just to deceive people of the world. They gathered all civilians, children, women to certain areas and then kill them brutally then accuse Syrian Regime in order to legalize their brutality.” (Islamicinvitationturkey.com).

Once the news of the chemical attacks spread, the news went viral and photos were trending like crazy. The same photos that were used during the Houla Massacre showed up again in this recent chemical attack. Deceased Pakistani, Afghani, Iraqi, Palestinian and other innocent martyrs are being victims. It was not enough to the west that they have already died once, but they “virtually” kill them again and use their photos and say it happened in Syria. Even the videos seem fabricated, because they are all staged. In these videos the victims are sent to a field hospital, not a real hospital. There are no signs of any ambulance and in this massacre it is said that children made up most of the victims, but where are their parents? Why aren’t there any devastated mother screaming for help and praying for their child?

(Amazing video, beautifully portrays the chemical weapon false flag. exposes FSA lies and how they are using the chemical weapons)

Once you take a video of these alleged Chemical attacks in Syria. Ask yourselves these questions?

1)      Why are the children placed on the floor? Why aren’t they getting the actual help they need. They all seemed to be stacked near each other. That’s no way to handle such an incident.

2)      Why the children are carried in by men and have needles in their neck?

3)      Why are all the boys undressed and the girls clothed?

4)      Why do all the children looked drugged?

5)      Why are these men handling the children so badly, like they did in the Houla Massacre?

6)      Why don’t they show the faces of these so called doctors?

Why would a President that is loved by over 85% of his people kill his own? All these photos and videos were sent by the FSA, what person in their right mind would trust them? These are the same people that want to see Muslim brotherhood in Syria, these are the people that scream Allahu akbar before they execute and behead an innocent civilian. These are the people that open up a soldier’s chest and take a bite out of his heart. These are the people that worship Bin Laden. Why would you trust what they say? You believe what the West says but haven’t we learned our lesson with Iraq? Weapons of Mass destruction have turned into Chemical Weapons. Republican or Democrat, they are separated by political label but have the same agenda.

Syria may be the center of the biggest humanitarian crises, but those who are encouraging and supporting the acts made by the rebels are the biggest war criminals and they know who they are.

The Truth behind Syria and Egypt.

The following two videos are short documentaries that show us live footage from Syria and Egypt and what is really going on in those countries.

1) The Syrian Conflict
* Because the video is not a youtube video, you must click on the link in order to watch it.

2) The Egyptian Revolution

Syria’s President: Bashar al-Assad


“You call it Freedom, I call it TERRORISM. You call it Jihad, I call it MURDER. You call him a Dictator, I call him our LEADER. You call it an Islamic State; I call it a SECULAR state. Syria will always have its flag held up high! ONE flag. ONE President. We are with you Bashar al-Assad!”304694_301377276635950_1253765912_n

Western Media along with the gulf nations have framed Bashar al-Assad for being a tyrant dictator. Many of whom do not even reside in Syria are the ones making such repulsive remarks. There is no proof that Bashar al-Assad is committing such atrocities against his people, only biased accusations are made not only by people, but by foreign Presidents as well. The sole purpose of the Syrian Arab Army is to protect Syria from falling into the hands of the terrorists, whereas the “rebels” are not even Syrian and have pledged full allegiance to Al-Qaeda. Wake up, the news is deceiving you and the truth about Syria is kept hidden.
Many Arabs and Muslims that are against President Bashar al-Assad mainly dislike him because he is Allawite . Saudi Arabian Sheikhs consider people of the Allawite sect of Islam to be “dogs” and often time preach heinous chants that provoke hatred and encourage the genocide of Allawite Muslims and Shiite Muslims. These are the type of Muslims that hold extremist views and believe Jihad is appropriate because God essentially wants them go to sacrifice themselves for their creator. Not only do they read the Qur’an backwards but they practice the Islamic religion incorrectly as well.

2011, Syria

2011, Syria

Before United States “democracy”, Syria was a peaceful country. There were no traces of oppression, even the poor were happy because they were thankful for what they had. Money does not bring happiness, and the people of Syria knew that. They made the best out of what they had and indeed love their President. It is true that some Syrians do not like President Bashar al-Assad but it seems like most of the hatred comes from non-Syrians that wish to see Muslim Brotherhood in Syria.
The Western Media only shows you a few protestors on the news and mainly images of ruined buildings or deceased civilians, but have you ever seen massive protests in Syria like the ones in Egypt or Libya? The news has never showed us Syrians protesting in their country like the massive ones we have seen in other Arab countries. The reason why the Western Media doesn’t show it is because such massive rallies against the President do not exist. Massive rallies for Bashar al-Assad do occur in Syria and in cities such as Damascus, Tartous, Aleppo, Homs, Da’raa, Lattakia etc. That is why the news never shows you any of it because they do not want you to see that the people of Syria actually want President Bashar al-Assad as President.

President Bashar al-Assad kept Syria a giant home for people of all religions. He protected individual sovereignties and cared for his people. Syria is a Secular state meaning Jews, Christians, Muslims and Atheists were allowed to practice their religion freely without getting ridiculed. Religious tensions between opposing religions were not very prevalent because Syrian’s are not divided by religion but are united by being Syrian.

Bashar al Assad made Healthcare is free, school education (aside from University) is free, they do not pay taxes, nor do they pay for home mortgages or car payments. All Syrians really had to pay for was rent if they rented a house, food and clothing. Their lives weren’t as miserable as the West portrayed it to be. In fact, even under recession people made the best out of it and generally never complained unlike civilians from other countries (mainly first world). Bashar al-Assad gave his people freedom, he looked after them and made sure Syria was a giant family. Unlike most Arab countries, Women in Syria are treated very well and are given a lot of freedom. Generally they aren’t treated any differently than the men. In 2012 when Bashar al-Assad revised Syria’s Constitution, he gave women a tremendous amount of rights and allowed women to participate in politics more. Women in the Middle East do not have a voice, but in Syria they do.
What the world really does not see is that President Bashar al-Assad is one of the brightest, strongest, and bravest Presidents. For nearly two and a half years he has been playing tug of war with the West and Gulf nations. If his people truly hated him he would have been out the door in less than a year but he is still standing proud and tall. He was made in Syria and will die in Syria; he does not need to be a Western puppet to keep his people happy. What his people want is to continue to see the sun rise again each and every day and to see Bashar al-Assad as their protector and President. Syrians do not fear Bashar al-Assad; they fear the evil that has entered their country.

2011, Syria

People will break you, shake you, rate you and test you, but what makes you who you are is how well you stand and cope with the pressure. A true leader does not need to have the support from countless countries; a true leader needs to have the support from his people and we are with you Bashar al-Assad because a true leader stands alone when the sheep’s come in a pack. You can choose to ignore our voice but we are the voice of Syria and united we will stand with our President.

Pro-Bashar Rally in Yemen

Pro-Bashar Rally in Yemen






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Armenians in Syria

In 1915, countless Armenians were driven out of their homes and were forced to walk until their death under the blistering sun and the warm desert of Dier Ez-Zor Syria. 

When the Ottoman Empire found out that many Armenians were peacefully living in Syria, the Ottoman Empire ordered Syria to send all the Armenians back, but Syria refused and protected the Armenian people from the tragic events held by the Ottoman Empire.

Decades later Armenians found themselves as being one of the largest ethnic minority groups living in Syria. Aleppo being home to the largest Armenian population.

Bashar al-Assad has treated Armenians very well and has granted them many rights and privileges. Even though they were driven out of their homes in 1915, they created a new home in Syria.

When the fake Revolution occurred, hundreds of Armenian boys volunteered to enroll in the Syrian Arab Army and countless were martyred. Armenians have and always will support Bashar al-Assad. Armenians all over the world support Bashar and love him as well.

Lebanon and Syria are the only two Arab countries that protect Armenians under their governments and allow Armenians to live their lives freely, have their own churches and schools and practice their language as well.

 Rest in Peace to every Soldier that died fighting for Syria! Armenian, Syrian, or Assyrian, at the end we all make Syria the beautiful country it is today! ❤✌


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This is Syria

ImageFrom Homs to Daa’ra, Aleppo to Damascus… The city is torn, burnt and left to ashes..

Where is humanity? Is this their justice?

This sectarian violence has left Syria in ashes…

In the name of freedom they have destroyed countless homes

Children are being killed but their voices are left unheard

They live in fear that one day they will not see the sun rise again..

Not allowed to enjoy life because terror is the devils friend

Bodies mutilated and others killed

Yet the true killers are hidden behind their western friends

In the name of freedom they have glorified their acts

Deceiving the world and suppressing facts

Destroying mosques and burning down Churches…

From Persecuting Christians to hanging muslims..

Is this their freedom? Is this what Syria deserves?

The devil may be strong but God is stronger

The cries of the weak will be heard at the end… Because God is with Syria we don’t need the devils friendship