Armenians in Syria

In 1915, countless Armenians were driven out of their homes and were forced to walk until their death under the blistering sun and the warm desert of Dier Ez-Zor Syria. 

When the Ottoman Empire found out that many Armenians were peacefully living in Syria, the Ottoman Empire ordered Syria to send all the Armenians back, but Syria refused and protected the Armenian people from the tragic events held by the Ottoman Empire.

Decades later Armenians found themselves as being one of the largest ethnic minority groups living in Syria. Aleppo being home to the largest Armenian population.

Bashar al-Assad has treated Armenians very well and has granted them many rights and privileges. Even though they were driven out of their homes in 1915, they created a new home in Syria.

When the fake Revolution occurred, hundreds of Armenian boys volunteered to enroll in the Syrian Arab Army and countless were martyred. Armenians have and always will support Bashar al-Assad. Armenians all over the world support Bashar and love him as well.

Lebanon and Syria are the only two Arab countries that protect Armenians under their governments and allow Armenians to live their lives freely, have their own churches and schools and practice their language as well.

 Rest in Peace to every Soldier that died fighting for Syria! Armenian, Syrian, or Assyrian, at the end we all make Syria the beautiful country it is today! ❤✌


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