The Voice of Syria

Exposing Western lies and propaganda and spreading the truth about the Syrian conflict and President.
Long live Syria, the truth will prevail.
Stay strong, President Assad, your people are with you.


8 thoughts on “The Voice of Syria

  1. The tributes to Pres Bashar al Assad, touched me deeply, the more because all clear thinking people throughout the world, know he is being framed by the Zionist cabal, who are the real rulers of the USA. I loved it when he said that, “Only a brave man protects his people.” He has told Obama off and told the US, UK, Israel and Turkey, the old fashioned TRUTH and these unholy and evil people can’t take it because they are blinded by power and greed. I am just a small voice trying to defend the President and the People of Syria, but I wish to ask, why Pres Assad does not tell the world that he is not the autocratic, selfish ruler the make him out to be? In the right quarters this will be heard I know, while of course the wrong quarters will remain deaf to it. Outside of Syria, Press TV, RT and the VOR are the only MS channels that support Pres Assad, while Pravda also brings it’s voice. SOS: I WISH TO MAKE A SUGGESTION TO THE PEOPLE OF SYRIA WHO LOVE THEIR PRESIDENT AND THEIR COUNTRY!! I pray someone reads my letter and puts it into practice. Start a global petition on in support of Pres Assad. It is simple and easy to do and there is no charge – it is free. Address your petition to the UN and the leaders of all countries across the world that it is Syria’s right as an independent, sovereign state to determine it’s own future and it’s right to keep Pres Bashar al Assad as it’s president. Tell the world the real truth of what is happening in Syria and how the Western media is brainwashing everybody with lies. You, as the People of Syria will know exactly what to address in the petition. BUT for GOD’s sake, DO IT! You have no idea how many millions of people will sign in support of Syria. Avaaz is a huge organization (almost 33million members) and there is no way they can be bought or intimidated. PLEASE, PLEASE just do it and insist that the jihadist’s, takfiri’s and other al nusrah terrorists and their factions are removed from Syria. You are all so brave and yes you have a President to be proud of! Long live Syria and Long Live Bashar al Assad!

  2. Hope this page is regularly updated, as comments above mine were made in Sep last year! Hope someone is following up on new comments. I have bookmarked your website and am following it… God Speed Syria!

      • Can you people not start the petition I suggested above??? I am very serious! Petitions are signed by honest activists the world over and their signatures carry weight, as can be seen by the many successes Avaaz petitioners have achieved globally. If it is at all possible, please think about it. Avaaz shows one step by step how to set up a petition. Avaaz is non-denominational, completely independent organization and their only mission is to assist in exposing the TRUTH to bring about a better, kinder and more peaceful world.

  3. God Bless Syria, her people and leader. The good citizens of the world are with you in spirit in your struggle to save your National identity, and restore your former peace, unity and prosperity.

  4. I retract what I suggested about Avaaz. From what I now understand, they are funded en large by Soros. This does not look good. Better if the people of Syria launch their own independent petition, free of any outside financing or corruption. Prayer for peace continues throughout the world. Our meditations are with you.

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