Children in the Middle East


I heard you hated your life… Wishing you were dead…wanting to run away… Or sticking a gun to your head…cutting yourself so you can ease your “pain” ever thought of the children in the Middle-East and how their lives will never be the same?You complain that life isn’t fair while you have a family…home…and people who love you… While babies in Syria are being blown to pieces… Kids in Palestine are being shot in every angle… Families lost… And forever broken… You complain life sucks but you never enjoyed the moment…

You cry  over the person who broke your heart… While children in the Middle-East cry over their parents grave…Someone who is forever lost…Wishing it was them that God had taken away…

Disobey your parents… Roll your eyes and call them names… Others in the world are making the best of every moment they have with their parents by their side.. While others who are less fortunate cry over their parents remains… “Oh daddy…why?… Why are you dead? Please God, take me instead… Bring back my dad for my mother and her kids”…
You cry over a scratch on your arm and think its the end… What about those missing limbs? You want to leave your home because you’re sick of life… How about those new borns who never got to enjoy a minute of their new life…these are the children of the Middle-East… All their lives spent on the streets… Losing their loved ones and being buried alive. Oh if you could only hear the things they cry about at night… “Mommy… Don’t leave me… What am I going to do?…. Daddy is already in heaven… Now i’m losing you too?”…. He broke down into tears and looked up in the sky… Angels came down to earth and gave his mother the wings to fly… And she flew away… Far into the sky…

3 thoughts on “Children in the Middle East

  1. I agree with everything, i live in England and im not Sunni/Shia Muslim im Christian and although we’ve not experienced anything on the scale Syrian are since WW2 every single conspiracy and actual acts of terrorism have been commited by Sunni Muslims aligned with Saudi Wahabbi branch of Islam. If i as an ordinary citizen can see the enemy is sectarian Sunni Islam who openly admit they will do everything to create a Sunni Muslim world where every non Sunni will be forced to convert, enslaved, executed or deported to an island with no significance to a Saudi controlled world government it makes me wonder why my Government pretend to be unaware Shia Governments promote secularism (i believe theres even a Jewish community within Iran) and Sunni Governments promote sectarianism like Saudi Arabia where all religions other than Sunni Islam are illegal and punishable by death, thats why theres no religious buildings other than mosques and its illegal for non-muslims to enter mecca. Whats more disturbing is the Saudi Government have given $billions to build thousands of mosques in the UK each with a Saudi backed imam preaching genocide on non believers (theres been countless under cover mosque programs to rubbish the lie that it was the minority of mosques teaching jihadi style Islam) I just hope the world wakes up to the Gulf states plans to irradicate Shia Islam and replace it with Sunni sectarian Islam before its to late.

    God bless Syria

      • I just hope you stay safe within well protected areas not hounded by night raids of foreign “rebels”. Nobody is saying Al-Assad’s Government are squeaky clean in the same way nobody can say British Government are squeaky clean but at least the British MPs refused to be led into another illegal war like Iraq. Ive watched independent media neither Government or “rebel” aligned which shows “rebels” with a large stockpile of pre cursers to make clandestine sarin gas threatening to shell Damascus days before the US alleged Government forces had used it filmed days before the attack. Then there was video of them filling some sort of shell with liquid before launching it. Anyone who knows basic chemistry knows sarin is an extremely unstable mixture and military grade goes through many processes to stabalise it which in turn makes it more deadly and viable for weeks after attack. If military grade sarin was used as alleged by US who’ve still failed to submit the 100% confirmation they claimed to have all the Drs working without hazmat suits on plus people removing bodies hours later would all be dead. When UN inspectors went in days later the area would still be deadly with traces everywhere apart from victims, there were photos submitted, released to the public and freely available online with debris looking suspiciously like the shell “rebels” recorded the launch of to send to their Saudi paymasters to prove they were using funds and weaponry effectively so they could get more. Anyway i hope to God you remain safe and manage to have some sort of Christmas without the fear of sectarian Sunnis raiding your village for people to kidnap for ransom and the other disgusting things they do i cant even repeat in typing.

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